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Data sources like financial statements and share price don’t usually give a complete and sufficiently timely picture. Investors of this data-driven era are demanding more actionable insights before making inferences about where to invest in.

iSquare has emerged to collect, clean, analyze, and interpret useful data from various sources, giving our subscribers unique and timely insights. Our ready-to-use industry data help subscribers discover trends and financial opportunities.
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iSquare Data is a database providing non-traditional data such as industry, commodities, trade-related data to help you gain an edge in marketplace. While the ability to capture transactional or financial data is still required, that functionality alone is not enough. To remain competitive, well-documented and accurate alternative data is needed to deliver actionable intelligence.

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Easy access to various data
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Workable chart and advanced visualisation tools for quick analysis
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Expandng data offering
Our data offering will continue to grow in the coming months to unleash previously unavailable insights