Sales Performance of Automotive Brand in Malaysia

Author: Admin Publish Date: 24-09-2019
Updated On:  05-12-2019

This is the comparison of the year 2018 and the year 2019 for car sales of different brand in Malaysia for the first 8 months. The two national brands, Proton and Perodua has bucked the downtrend of the automotive industry and recorded a higher sales number. Good product mix and price have helped them to stay afloat.

One significant changes are that the car sales of Proton have increased drastically while the sales of Honda and Toyota has fallen substantially. The sales performance has also been reflected in the share price of DRB-Hicom.

In the year 2019, the national car brand has commanded more than 50% of the market share, something not seen in years due to the strong performance of Proton.

Despite the strong sales performance of Proton, the level of household debt and fluctuation of Ringgit Malaysia are the potential risks investors should be aware of.

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