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iSquare Portal provides data on industries and tracks latest corporate actions, helping our subscribers analyse industry landscape and make data-driven decisions.

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Real Estate Development & Operations

Track Malaysia's properties supply and demand, sales performance and the major events that are shaping the real estate industry.

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Corporate Developments

Access to corporate development and actions of Malaysia listed companies and large private companies.

See how iSquare Portal helps in each role

Lead generation

  • Discover and organize the next set of opportunities you should focus on that may increase chances of meeting your quota. Our information assist you in research and communication with a lead so that your prospect know you are well prepared when you speaks their tone.

  • Track your prospects by getting updated on key signals such as companies raising funds, acquisitions, and news mentions to keep up to date with their leads.

  • Our data can help you to decide between which products or service to suggest to the potential customer or what price would increase likelihood of a sale. We help you in setting a good deal where your prospect will find it too good to refuse.

  • Our insights can suggest not only the best opportunities to work on, but the next set of actions to take that improve the conversion rates

  • Guide your team with data supported insights and not just by gut feel or even worse, none.
Risk Management

  • Risk Management is an important area for finance personnel, responsible for company’s security, trustworthiness and strategic decisions. There are many origins from which risks can come, such as competitors, investors, regulators or company’s customer. Also risks can differ in importance and potential losses. Therefore, the main steps are identifying, prioritizing and monitoring risks. With the cleaned and prepared data at your fingertips, cost efficiency is enhanced.

  • Gathering all relevant information is crucial for making a confident investment decision. Instead of gathering information from various sources, our portal had collate all relevant insights for you and make it presentation ready.
Strategic Investment Planning

  • Improve your business decision making process by measuring and tracking the market dynamics and factors you deem important to your business. The changes in the industry landscape can be analysed using real facts, not gut feelings.

  • Growth is determined by the markets you choose to compete in. Curate a winning growth strategy by pinpointing and identifying growing industries so that you make your bets in the right places.

  • Capture information about the industry trend and modify your products or services accordingly. Use trends to refine and improve what you currently offer or you can meet those trends by developing what you know will be “hot”.

  • Keep updated with the industry leaders’ moves and your competitor’s move. Be well-informed on the competitive landscape and able to answer questions like: What are your competitor production capacity? What are their expansion plan? Who is making acquisition?

  • Stay on top of trends and have immediate knowledge of changing market conditions and activity. Spot new players entering your market and build relationship with existing players by tracking their action and movement.

  • Discover new opportunities and evaluate deals by equipping our portal. Automate news tracking and alerts on companies and industries you care about. Using our insights you can streamline your due diligence by analysing their potential and health all in one place.

  • Solve your problem with the latest Solution. We identify signals about emerging and disruptive technology and business trends by untangling a mess of unstructured news article, start-up websites and venture capital financing.

  • Maximize your ROI by identifying the spending pattern and match your procurement activities with the ever changing business cycle, inventory cycle or productivity cycle.

  • Manage your risk and prepare for potential operation disruption by identifying supply chain risk get updated on any supply chain disruption that happens across the globe.

  • Meetings can sometimes be derailed by lack of information. How many times have you had to write down a question only to look it up later? The key to a good meeting is collaborative discussion and issue resolution. By having a strong reference platform for facts and figures, your team can come up with informed solutions to the topics at hand.