Real Estate Development & Operations

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The real estate industry is built to help personnel in the real estate industry make informed decision as publicly available data for real estate are very messy and unstructured. Subscribers can gain insights into where the real estate industry is heading by using our database that tracked the market supply and demand, sales performance and the major event that is shaping the industry.



  • Industry Characteristics
  • Market Size
  • Industry history
  • Supply statistics of Malaysia residential, commercial and industry units
  • Number of unsold units of Malaysia residential and commercial units categorised by area and price range
  • Sales performance of residential unit categorised by area
  • Credit availability for the purchase of real estate
  • Household income categorised by area
  • Rental market vibrancy categorised by area
  • Major property transactions across Malaysia
  • Real Estate related policy announced by the government
  • Real Property Gain Tax Rate
  • Incentives for house buyers
  • Foreign buyers’ restrictions
  • Industry trend
  • Government development master plan
  • List of upcoming infrastructure project
  • Technologies disrupting the industry
  • Headwinds faced by the industry



  • Real Estate Agent
  • Property Buyers
  • Property investors
  • Developer
  • Bankers