For the period June 2022, no specific industry delivered outstanding quarter results.

Companies that deliver excellent results and announce their financial result during June 2022 are included in this list.

Company Note Industry
GAMUDA BERHAD With the reopening of economic sectors and a relative return to normalcy, the Group’s nine-month earnings surged 47% on the back of higher property and construction earnings as work on all fronts picked up pace. Property sales rose 23% as local sales doubled whilst overseas sales contributed 53% of total property sales. The Group’s quarterly earnings surged 56% due to stronger overseas property earnings. Construction
COMINTEL CORPORATION BHD The increase in Group's revenue and profit before tax mainly due to Construction segment. The Construction segment which is contributed entirely by Total Package Work Sdn Bhd ("TPW"), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. Higher revenue recorded in the current quarter under review
was contributed by Comintel System Technologies Sdn Bhd ("CST"), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company,
MARINE & GENERAL BERHAD Pandemic-induced restrictions have been gradually lifted which has allowed business to resume. The improved demand for oil products has
benefited the Downstream Division that provides tanker services to transport oil and chemicals, as well as the Upstream Division that provides offshore support services, as oil and gas companies resume their drilling and
exploration activities. Higher contributions from both the Upstream and the Downstream Divisions in line with:
better vessel utilisation in the current quarter,
deployment of all tankers under time charter (“TC”) as compared to three (3)
tankers in the preceding year corresponding quarter.
SAPURA ENERGY BERHAD Mainly due to foreign exchange gain arising from appreciation of US Dollar ("USD") against Ringgit Malaysia. Operations and Maintenance - primarily due to higher project activities in the current quarter. Exploration and Production - mainly contributed by impairment charges, offset by higher lifting price in the current quarter. Energy
POH HUAT RESOURCES HOLDINGS BERHAD Ramped up production to clear order backlogs following the resumption of production after MCO3.0. Both plants enjoyed labour efficiency and better factory utilisation rate from the increased level of production activities.Higher gross profit due to better average selling prices following adjustments in the beginning of 2022 and the use of raw materials stocked in the earlier periods. Furniture
KYM HOLDINGS BHD Mainly attributable to higher revenue achieved by Multiwall Industrial Paper Sacks division. The improvement was largely due to higher profits
contribution from the Multiwall Industrial Paper Sacks division as a result of higher sales volume for all products.
KIM LOONG RESOURCES BERHAD Higher average selling prices of FFB and CPO by 56% and 58% respectively. Plantation operations - The higher revenue and profit for the current quarter and the year-to-date as compared to the corresponding period last year were mainly due to higher FFB production and average FFB selling price by 7% and 56% respectively. Palm oil milling operations- The higher revenue from the milling operations for the current quarter and the year-to-date as compared to the corresponding period last year was mainly due to higher average CPO selling price by 58%. Palm Oil
CRESCENDO CORPORATION BERHAD For property development and construction operation,operating profit increased 61% mainly due to change in sales mix with higher sales from commercial properties with better profit margin. Manufacturing and trading operation profit increased 22% and 66% respectively due to higher
sales demand in concrete products. The reduction of Real Property Gains Tax rate for disposal made by individuals in the 6th year onwards from 5% to 0% are also expected to support a recovery in the property sector.
Real Estate
GLOMAC BERHAD Group’s profit before tax for current quarter increased by 173.0% or
RM15.9 million as compared to the immediate preceding quarter, mainly due to better profit margin recorded for the quarter end.
Real Estate

Here are the criteria for entering the list.
1) QoQ profit growth > 20%,
2) YoY profit growth> 20%
3) Profit Before Tax > RM 2 mil

Companies that delivered excellent results due to one-off events such as the events below are excluded from the list.

1) One-off disposal gain or revaluation gain
2) Fair value gain in quoted securities
3) One-off gain on bargain purchase
4) Fair value adjustment on investment property
5) Gain from disposal of subsidiary
6) Reversal of provision of doubtful debt
7) Impairment loss in the preceding quarter
8) Leap companies are also excluded from the list due to a lack of liquidity
9) Companies that are loss-making in the preceding quarter are excluded