For the period July 2022, the companies that delivered outstanding quarter results are mainly companies that involve in the Palm Oil, Semiconductor and Oil & Gas Industry.

Company Note Industry
Poly Glass Fibre Higher production output and higher sales revenue attributed to its insulation segment Building Material
Melati Ehsan Better result from property development segment due to land disposal and better result from construction segment due to the completion of office tower at Jalan Conlay and DBKL Complex. Construction
CTOS Strong growth from key accounts and Direct TO Customer segment. Better result from international operation contributed by higher bulk data sales Digital Services
Pantech Better result for trading division due to higher deliveries to local oil and gas projects. Better result for manufacturing division due to better product mix and robust export demand for stainless steels manufacturing division. Oil & Gas
United Plantation Higher average selling price for palm product Palm Oil
MHC Plantation Higher average selling price for palm product Palm Oil
Oriental Interest Berhad Better result from property sales Property
Unisem Improved Gross Margin and appreciation of USD Semiconductor
Frontken Taiwan: Semiconductor space pick up due to strong orders and high demand
Malaysia: New orders for provision of manpower supply and mechanical rotating equipment due to various contract with Petronas Group
Singapore: Benefitted from the improvement in O&G business
Semiconductor, Oil & Gas
Atlan Holdings Better gross margin and lower operating expenses for duty free segment. Duty free retail outlets resumed operations in the beginning of May 2022. Tourism

Companies that deliver excellent results and announce their financial result during July 2022 are included in this list.

Here are the criteria for entering the list.
1) QoQ profit growth > 20%,
2) YoY profit growth> 20%
3) Profit Before Tax > RM 2 mil

Companies that delivered excellent results due to one-off events such as the events below are excluded from the list.

1) One-off disposal gain or revaluation gain
2) Fair value gain in quoted securities
3) One-off gain on bargain purchase
4) Fair value adjustment on investment property
5) Gain from disposal of subsidiary
6) Reversal of provision of doubtful debt
7) Impairment loss in the preceding quarter
8) Leap companies are also excluded from the list due to a lack of liquidity
9) Companies that are loss-making in the preceding quarter are excluded