For the period Aug 2022, the companies that delivered outstanding quarter results are mainly companies that involve in Building Materials, Construction, Energy, F&B, Home Improvement, Industrial Product, Oil Trading, Plastic, Paper Products, Plantation, Property, Retail, and Shipping Industries.

Companies that deliver excellent results and announce their financial result during Aug 2022 are included in this list.

Company Note Industry
AFUJIYA The profit before tax in the current quarter is mainly due to higher sales volume and sellingpricerevision as compared to the immediate preceding quarter. Auto Parts
ALLIANCE BANK The higher profits were largely due to higher net interest income and lower allowance for expected credit losses. Bank
MCEMENT This was contributed mainly by improvement in cement selling price to mitigate higher fuel costs, lower repairs and maintenance expense and a write-back of impairment loss on trade receivables during current quarter. Building Material
HARISSON Sales for Building Materials Division picked up in current quarter 2022 as customer increase their purchases in anticipation of price increase from 1 July 2022 onwards. Building Material
OKA Mainly due to higher volume products sold by 31,000mt during the current quarter of 109,000mt as compared to the preceding year quarter of 78,000mt coupled with higher margin products sold in the current quarter. Furthermore, preceding year quarter was affected by the Movement Control Order lockdown period from March to May 2020. Building Material
MUHIBAH Higher production of cranes in the current quarter, mitigated by lower revenue from Infrastructure Construction with the completion of major projects while new projects are starting in Q3 2022 & improvement of results from Airports Concession in Cambodia and Cranes division in the current quarter. Conglomerate
HSS Engineers Higher revenue achieved attributable to Project Management Consultant (PMC) Bagi Fasa 1 Projek Lebuhraya Pan Borneo Sabah. Construction
EITA Higher sales from the Power and Control business, service maintenance contract revenue, & higher execution of Transmission Sub-Station projects.   Construction
SIGN The increase in profit was mainly due to higher revenue and contribution from glass and aluminium product segment and Interior fit-out works segment. Construction
NESTCON The increase in revenue was mainly due to higher level of construction activities for both building division and civil engineering and infrastructure division in YTD 2Q2022. Construction
LUSTER Higher sales to the customers in the hygiene and pest control industry and construction industry. Construction
PTARAS  The higher revenue recorded in the current financial quarter was primarily due to increased construction activities as some of the current on-going projects reached optimal construction stage. Construction
SYCAL The increase in Group's revenue and gross profit are mainly due to current progress billings for properties sold in previous quarters and completed properties sold during the quarter under reivew.  Construction
UCHITEC Higher demand for the Group's products and services and
the appreciation of USD against Ringgit Malaysia.
CARIMIN Contributed mainly by the iHUC projects whilst both the marine vessels were fully deployed for offshore activities. Commencement of new contracts. Energy
COASTAL Interest income earned from loans granted to a joint venture as well as greater profit shared from the joint venture, charter income
earned from a new vessel charter contract secured during the current financial year & effect of foreign exchange fluctuation on USD denominated revenue.
DNEX Mainly due to higher average selling prices due to significant rise in Brent crude oil prices and better product mix and higher average selling price achieved in technology segment. Energy, Semiconductor
ELK Desa Reversal of impairment allowances and exceptionally good collection trend. Finance Company
KAWAN The increase was in tandem with increase in sales from local and export market. Food & Beverage
PPB All key segments contributed positively to the increase in group
revenue and profitability - Grains and agribusiness, consumer products, property,
Food & Beverage
POWER ROOT BERHAD The increase was mainly attributable to higher revenue for the local and export markets in the current quarter for beverages products. Food & Beverage
WEGMANS Higher furniture sales volume from North America, higher revenue generated and strengthening of USD against the RM and absence of the implementation of Movement Control Order 3.0 (“MCO 3.0”) Furniture
Rhong Khen International (Latitude) Higher sales recorded by furniture plants in Vietnam due to higher shipment in current quarter; and strengthening of US Dollar (“USD”) against Ringgit Malaysia (“RM”) by 1.1%. Furniture
TMCLIFE Increased capacity at Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara ("THKD") and higher patient load in fertility business. Healthcare
LITRAK The improvement in toll revenue arose from higher tollable traffic volume plying the Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong highway (“LDP”) due to Malaysia’s transition to endemic phase of COVID-19 from 1 April 2022 onwards. Highway
FPI Higher sales and gain on foreign exchange despite higher operating cost resulted from the implementation of new minimum wages policy in May 2022. Home Improvement
Classic Scenic Higher export revenue from wooden picture frames and mouldings, strengthening of USD and higher cost efficiencies Home Improvement
FPGROUP Group’s new segment, accessory cables and connectors and increase in
precision engineering segment
Home Improvement
FIAMMA Due to better margin and lower operating expenses.  Home Improvement
PELIKAN The increase was mainly due to higher sales growth in the America region. The increase was partially offset by the lower RM/EUR rates in the current quarter and demand continues to be soft in the German and European markets.  Home Improvement
RGTECH Higher gross profit in some projects in Hardware and Maintenance segment and also implementation of projects in Software segment. Home Improvement
MULPHA  Inter Continental Hayman Island and Inter Continental Sanctuary Cove enjoyed strong growth in the occupancy rates and record-breaking average room rates in the current financial period. Hotel
WELLCAL Increase of demand from both local and export market in line with the gradual improvement of global economy sentiment and trade momentum of the industrial rubber hose market. Industrial Equipment
TECHBND Higher demand from both local and overseas markets as the economic recovery gains further traction. This was predominantly owing to the
top-line improvement as well as higher unrealised foreign exchange gain.
Industrial Equipment
MQTECH The increase of revenue is attributable to the more orders received from main customers and less rejection rate.  Industrial Equipment
SKBHUT The increase was mainly due to increase in sale of shutters and racking products. Industrial Equipment
UMS Mainly due to increase in revenue and share of associated profit and overall improvement in the  market movement conditions as compare to previous 9 months. Industrial Equipment
INSAS Due to higher placement fee income from the corporate advisory division and one-off exceptional gain on deemed disposal of equity interests in associate companies. Investment Bank
SCOMNET This was attributed to improved efficiencies, which resulted in better sales of higher margin products, namely in its medical segment. It was further helped by a favourable foreign exchange rate. Medical Equipment
MESTRON Reduction in the price of raw materials (i.e. steel plates and steel pipes) and higher sales demand for outdoor lighting products. Metals
FAST Increase in the Group’s oil bunkering and petroleum trading business segment Oil Trading
PETDAG Supported by favourable Brent price, the easing of travel restrictions,
increased economic activities during festive season and the resumption of international travels beginning of the quarter.
Oil Trading
PTERONM Demand for fuel recovered. As both oil prices and sales volume improved, the company revenue rose double last year. Oil Trading
STRAITS Contributed by the Oil Bunkering and Shipping Related Services segment which increased by RM590.1 million as a result of its market expansion into Port Klang and the spike in global oil prices. Oil Trading
SLP Higher domestic demand for glexible plastic packaging products and plastic resins Packaging
Public Packages Holdings Increase in demand and selling price increase Packaging
Wang Zheng Bhd Increase sales in processed paper products and disposable fibre based products as a result of the recovery of economic activities and reopening of borders Paper Product
KPSCB Revenue had recovered for stronger demand from customers. Paper Product
KTC The increase was mainly attributable to the increase in personal care and cosmetics products as well as household products during this financial quarter. Personal Goods
Nova Pharma Solutions (1) higher project activities in the Taiwan market due to relaxation of COVID-19 prevention measurements;
(2) higher project works completion rate in Thailand; and
(3) higher contribution from a newly secured biotechnology project in Indonesia.  
YSPSAH Due to increase in demand from local market, improvement in productivity and strengthening of US Dollar aganist Ringgit Pharmaceutical
Apex Healthcare Demand for pharmaceuticals and consumer healthcare products remained elevated because of the continued prevalence of Covid-19 infections manifesting largely as a community respiratory illness. This generated strong demand for respiratory medications in our key markets, especially for the Group’s cough and cold products. Pharmacy
IOICORP The higher profit was due mainly to higher margins from oleochemical and refining sub-segments offset by lower share of associate results from Loders. Higher CPO and PK prices realised and higher share of associate results from BAL, partly offset by lower FFB production. Plantation
GENP Strengthening palm product prices, which more than compensated for the lower fresh fruit bunch ("FFB") production and sales volume of refined palm products. Plantation
AYER Higher crude palm oil (“CPO”) price leading to higher average selling price of fresh fruit bunches (“FFB”) as well as higher production of FFB.  Plantation
FAREAST Higher average CPO and PK prices per metric tonne, Higher share of profit after tax of associates, & Higher FFB production. Plantation
CAMRES Mainly attributed to the increase in the production output as a results of higher availability of fresh fruits bunches for production. Plantation
KECK SENG M The increase in revenue was mainly due to higher selling price and quantity of refined crude palm oil sold in 2nd Q 2022. Plantation
RSAWIT This was principally due to ongoing favourable growth in average
selling price on FFB, CPO and PK throughout the quarter.
JTIASA Revenue from the oil palm division in the current quarter improved by 21% mainly due to higher sales volume coupled with better average
selling price of Crude Palm Oil (CPO). As FFB and CPO production improved, higher mills utilisation as well as lower production cost resulted in better profit contribution from the oil palm division.
Leong Hup Internationa The revenue growth was due mainly to higher average selling price and sales volume of broiler chickens in Vietnam. The higher average selling price of livestock feed in Vietnam and Indonesia also contributed to the growth. Poultry
Teladan Setia Higher revenue from the on going development of Taman Desa Bertam Property
GUH Improved contribution from higher property units sold. Property
GMUTUAL Sales of completed residential house, industrial projects, as well as disposal of certain vacant lands.  The returning student to campus learning increases the higher rental revenue and profits. Property
IOIPG Recurring lease income from IOI Mall, Xiamen as well as strong recovery in the Malaysia mall operations and hospitality and leisure segment. Higher share of associate and Joint ventures profit arising from a sale of land of an associate and reversal of inventories Property
MITRA The current financial period profit was mainly derived from the sales at our completed project '280 Park Homes' and Kiara 9 Residency. Property
SUNWAY The higher revenue was underpinned by improved revenue performance from all business segments. Property
SIMEPROP Attributable to a healthy product mix within the residential and industrial segments. All business segments continue to be profitable in H1 FY2022. Property
KSL Normalisation of economy activites with various incentive The property market regain its momentum with the opening up of all economic sectors. Property
BIG Attributable to higher progress recognition of the ongoing Suasana Melalin project in Kota Kinabalu and sale of completed unit of the single-storey terrace-house in Kuching, Sarawak.  Property
PARAMOUNT Achieved by the top three revenue contributors. Sejati Lakeside development in Selangor, ATWATER development in Selangor, and Utropolis Batu Kawan development in Penang. Property
IDEAL This is due to the active construction of Ideal Residency and Havana Beach Residences. Sales coming from Ideal Residency an affordable homes project strategically located in the heart of Penang & Havana Beach Residences is a beach-inspired affordable home development in Bayan Lepas. Property
Y&G Anchored by the sale contribution from Project Trifolia and Project SutraVilla due to the implementation of a much efficient sale strategy. Property
Guocoland Better Performance due to contributions from Emerald 9, Emerald Hills in Cheras and Emerald Rawang. Hospitality division improve with higher occupanct and average room rates from the increase in tourism. Property, Hotel
DKLS Wages subsidy received, gain on disposal of property & equipment, sales of scrap from quarry segment and revenue gain derived from the supply of treated water and related services to consumers from a water treatment plant in Lao People's Democratic Republic. Property, Utilities, Building Material
Tex Cycle Commissioning of the Group's Solar Corporate Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement ("CREPPA") projects and increase in reversal of expected credit losses for trade receivables. Renewables
Innature Berhad Reduced Covid-19 restriction and a return to mall shopping. Strategy of focusing on larger stores in quality malls and closure of underperforming stores. Retail
Berjaya Food Higher same store sales growth and additional new Starbucks café outlets opened. Turnaround of the Kenny Rogers Roster (KRR) business performance. Retail
Magnum Higher gaming sales, lower prizes payout. Higher number of draws compared to 2021 as 12 draws are being cancelled in 2021 due to MCO Retail
MARCO Positive growth in all segments (timepiece, calculator and digital musical instruments) of the Group's businesses. Retail
OPTIMAX Effective marketing effort from ongoing promotions which includes giving out free vouchers and discounts through online platforms; and better control of operating costs drawing from the experience gained from various movement control lockdowns since March 2020.  Retail
AEON The growth in revenue was supported by the higher sales commission
and rental income from tenants plus revenue growth and offset by increase in operating costs.
FOCUSP Strong sales performance achieved in current quarter for all the
three businessses - optical products, franchise management & food & beverage segment
TOMEI Increased sale during Hari Raya, re-opening sector allow customer to patronizing retails outlets, and retailers replenished their stock in anticipation for the Hari Raya festival. Retail
BONIA Strong sales performance in conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations. In addition, the one-off special withdrawal of RM10,000 allowed by Employee Provident Fund (“EPF”) for eligible Malaysian in April 2022 has also contributed positively to the domestic consumption. And rationalisation of discount given and continuous products development.  Retail
KHJB The increase in revenue was contributed by retail segment, which recorded increase in sales primarily attributed to the increased foot traffic in shopping malls. In addition, retail operations were also positively impacted by higher consumer spending levels due to the Hari Raya festive season during this period, as well as the reopening of Malaysia’s border to overseas tourists. Retail
TGL Mainly due to Hari Raya festival sales and improvement in retail environment with less stringent restriction in the shopping malls allow increasing in revenue Retail
TOP VISION Additional revenue generated by new subsidiary acquired - Novel Glove International Sdn. Bhd. And the organic growth of revenue by existing 7 centres after the restricition caused by the COVID-19 uplifted. Retail
Asia Brands This is due to a stronger festive sales performance compare to the same period last year when the nation experienced various stages of MCO (Movement Control Order). Retail
PCCS  The record-high revenue was mainly due to the increase in the order of Cambodia Apparel amounting to an increase of RM41.31 million. Retail
Kelington Group Berhad Strong orders secured across the UHP and General Contracting divisions as well as increase in demand in the Industrial Gases division. Semiconductor
MMSV Higher demand for machines from smart devices customers leads to great improvement in gross profit margin. Semiconductor
ELSOFT Increased demand in both smart devices and automotive industry. Improved revenue, positive contribution from other investments and contribution from Associate Company.  Semiconductor
SALUTE Increase in sales from the embedded computing devices and FOBO(For Our Better world) products - FOBO is a products of contact point of a vehicle to the road surface for example : the tire pressure(FOBO Tire, FOBO Tire Plus and FOBO Bike). Semiconductor
GENETEC The increase in net profit before tax was mainly due to higher sales
volumes achieved for the current quarter under review.
TURIYA Mainly due to increase in tenancies in rental operation and increase in
production and sales in semiconductor operation.
MAYBULK The better operating results was mainly due to slight increase in charter rates and lower vessel operating expenses. Shipping
SYSCORP  The increase in revenue was mainly due to vessel’s work in progress for external parties had been delivered in the current quarter as well as the improvement in freight rates and utilization rates in shipping segment Shipping
HUBLINE The increase in revenue in the current quarter was due to improvements in freight rates secured since last quarter & increase in flying doctor services, emergency medical services and aircraft chartering activities during the current quarter. Shipping
HARBOUR LINK Due to improvement in the freight rate and better utilization of shipping space from Intra Asia trade and also oneoff reversal of impairment of vessels. Shipping
SLIC The enterprise software solutions business recorded an increase in revenue by approximately RM4.10 million or 54.52%, mainly due to an increase in software sales. Software
Dufu Increase in revenue related to Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and growth in sheet metal fabrication business segment Technology
TIMECOM Higher overall revnues, higher net gain on foreign exchange, higher gain on disposal property plan and equipment, higher dividen income, lower finance costs and lower advertising expenses. Telecommunications
FAJAR Revenue and profit before tax were mainly attributed from the Construction, Logging, and Timber Trading segment. Timber
TIMWELL The increase in profit was mainly due to higher production and better market price in the current quarter. Timber
FLB Higher average selling price which was driven by continued strong demand for plywood and strengthening of US dollar in current quarter Wood Product

Here are the criteria for entering the list.
1) QoQ profit growth > 20%,
2) YoY profit growth> 20%
3) Profit Before Tax > RM 2 mil

Companies that delivered excellent results due to one-off events such as the events below are excluded from the list.

1) One-off disposal gain or revaluation gain
2) Fair value gain in quoted securities
3) One-off gain on bargain purchase
4) Fair value adjustment on investment property
5) Gain from disposal of subsidiary
6) Reversal of provision of doubtful debt
7) Impairment loss in the preceding quarter
8) Leap companies are also excluded from the list due to a lack of liquidity
9) Companies that are loss-making in the preceding quarter are excluded