Top 30 market cap correlation with the S&P500 was 0.92

Top 30 market cap moved in perfect correlation with Bitcoin

Total ETH staked increased by 18%

While the DeFi market cap has taken a severe beating, it seems that activity within DeFi has fared well. For example, trading volumes on decentralised exchanges spiked during periods when centralised exchanges halted trading. Another example was when Celsius imposed withdrawal restrictions, daily users of DeFi protocols spiked by 24%

ETH regained some of its Total Value Locked (TVL) dominance increasing its share of TVL from 54% to 60%

OpenSea retained its position as top NFT exchange, although LooksRare, X2Y2 & Magic Eden have been gaining traction

Centralised exchange volumes decreased -8% while decentralised exchange volumes decreased -39%

Binance has grown their market share to capture almost 50% of the entire centralised exchange market